ETC Full Form – Best ETC Full Form Guide – 2020

ETC Full Form
  • ETC Full Form
  • In this post, you will get all the ETC full form.

1. ETC Full Form: Et Cetera

ETC Full Form
  • ETC stands for Et Cetera.
  • Et cetera is a Latin expression which means ‘and other similar things’ or ‘and so forth’.
  • In Latin et means ‘and’ & cetera means ‘the rest’, thus the expression meaning ‘and the rest’.
  • Et cetera is used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included.
  • Et cetera has been borrowed from Koine Greek.
  • For example: John went to the grocery store to get milk, bread, eggs etc.
  • Another example being: New technologies like computers, smartphones, smart watches etc. have changed the lives of humans massively.

2. ETC Full Form: Electronic Toll Collection

  • Stands for Electronic Toll Collection.

3. ETC Full Form: Evil Type Correction

  • Stands for Evil Type Correction.

4. ETC Full Form: Experiment Test Cycle

  • Stands for Experiment Test Cycle.

5. ETC Full Form: Earth Terrain Camera

  • Stands for Earth Terrain Camera.

6. ETC Full Form: Estimated Time of Completion

  • Stands for Estimated Time of Completion.

ETC Full Form Questions & Answers

Following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding ETC full form:

ETC full form in Hindi?

Full form in Hindi:
ETC – ई टी सी |
Et cetera – आदि |

ETC full form funny?

Full form funny:
There are some funny full forms of it like ‘End of Thinking Capacity’.

ETC full form Wiki?

Full form Wiki:
It stands for Et Cetera.

ETC full form pronunciation?

Full form pronunciation:
It is pronounced as ‘/et ˈset(ə)rə/’.

ETC full meaning?

Full meaning:
Its meaning is Et Cetera.
It is a Latin expression which means ‘and other similar things’ or ‘and so forth’.

ETC full form end of thinking capacity?

Full form End of Thinking Capacity:
One of the full forms of it is ‘End of Thinking Capacity’.

ETC full form in project management?

Full form in project management:
Its full form in project management is ‘Estimate to Complete’.

Full form of OK?

Full form of OK:
The full form of OK is ‘Olla Kalla’ or ‘Oll Korrect’.

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